Jaw Pain One Side – Left Side or Right Side Jaw Pain Causes and What the Heck to Do?!

jaw-pain-one-sideBesides being extremely uncomfortable, jaw pain on one side can be worrying because of the possible implications behind it.

Whether you have jaw pain on the left side or, strangely more common (perhaps because more people are right-handed), jaw pain on the right side of the jaw it is important to understand what are the most likely causes of your jaw pain.


Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

Generally, jaw pain can be caused by a problem on the bone of the jaw itself or a disorder of the nerves, tissues, and other parts of the neck and head region. Chronic autoimmune conditions can also lead to pain on one side of the face.

As we discuss in the free guide (scroll down to access it), you may be able to get away with some ice, massaging, and relaxation. If your jaw pain is more severe or lasts longer than a few days, you may be looking at a more serious problem.

Whatever the cause behind the discomfort, however, it is my responsibility to recommend you consult with a physician immediately.


Meet Your Temporomandibular Joint (aka TMJ)

Here, the joint connecting the skull to the jaw or the muscles used for chewing are the problem. The temporomandibular joint can be easily affected by health and dental dilemmas such as misalignment of the teeth, arthritis, and teeth grinding. It can also get inflamed just from stress or an injury.

The joint is so susceptible to damage that even scientific journals claim that chewing gum alone can cause problems on the TMJ. This disorder can also be quite hard to identify since its symptoms are quite close to other conditions.


How Long Have You Been Suffering Jaw Pain on One Side?

If the pain is recent, definitely go pick up our guide and try using the free and natural methods we recommend to curb the pain. In 85% of jaw pain sufferers, the techniques we discuss in the guide are enough to stop the pain in its tracks.

If you’ve been suffering for longer, or think your pain is more severe, there are a few other possibilities that you may want to look into. These conditions are uniquely associated with jaw pain on just one side of the face:


Trigeminal Neuralgia

Also called Tic douloureux, this disorder can be extremely painful and is characterized by sharp, stabbing pains on the facial area including the jaw. We point this condition out specifically because it almost always causes pain on just one side. So much is the notoriousness of this disorder that it is actually called by the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association as the most painful medical condition ever, earning its other name ‘the suicide disease’.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is quite rare and when it strikes, it’s most likely to afflicts people who are 50 years old and above. Attacks of this disorder can last from days to months and can take months to years to cure. I pray you don’t have this condition, but if you think you might, its time to seek professional help now.



Not many are aware of it but sinusitis can also be the reason behind pain on one side of the face. This problem is very common and is caused by the inflammation of the sinus due to outside elements such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, or health problems such as allergies.

Sinusitis can be quite difficult to track since its symptoms are close to those of the common cold. As for the pain, the side of the face affected depends on the side of the inflamed sinus cavity. For example, an infection or inflammation on the right maxillary sinus can lead to pain in the right jaw and upper teeth.